In Store Selections

Bedspreads - A bed covering, generally having the hem drop to the floor. May be ruffled, scalloped, or throw-style, and made of decorative fabric or woven.

Comforters - A filled or puffed bed covering that generally drops just below the mattress, filled with polyester or down.

Coverlets - Decorative bed covering used to cover top of bed and mattress sides.

Dust Ruffles - A "skirt" for the bed, this decorative fabric is attached to a sheet that slips between the mattress and box spring. The skirt can be made of decorative fabric, lace, eyelet, fringe, and can be gathered, ruffled, pleated, or tailored (almost flat) fabric. Some dust ruffles have split corners which allow it to ease around bedposts without bunching.

Pillows - A stuffed cushion used to decorate a bed or sofa. May be trimmed with ruffles, lace, or fringe.

Pillow Shams - A decorative pillow case which can be tailored (flanged) or ruffled. Usually has an opening which can be an overlapped flap in the middle of the back (French back) or a buttoned or zippered closure on one end.